AWS Lambda PowerMockITO – mocking static methods & DI

Thought of writing an article about mocking static methods in Java (there are quite a few available in the web). Just plugged in the combination of DI using Dagger and PowerMockIto

An example implementation of uploading and downloading/get files from AWS S3. Save and read rows from DynamoDB. The example provides JUnit testing using Mockito & PowerMockITO

1. Two sample lambdas (save and get) - to S3 and DynamodB
2. Terraform implementation for deploying the lambda
3. JUnit for S3 and DynamoDB testing
4. Sample CLI commands to test

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By shivaramani

I am passionate developer, application architect. Like to try different programming languages, especially Microsoft workloads in AWS. Enjoys learning about different AWS services and focuses on developer experience for building applications using compute, containers & serverless architecture.

I like to build experience around software development(SDLC), infrastructure as code, automating and providing a CI/CD solution

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